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For many years, the Healthy Change of Heart™ program was only available to people in the Philadelphia area and to a limited number of participants.  Now, this groundbreaking program is available to everyone via the internet. The Healthy Change of Heartprogram is a 10 week on-line program that contains step-by-step medical, nutritional, exercise and stress management advice and techniques.  Participants learn using a series of over 150 short videos.

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Over 2000 people have completed the Healthy Change of Heart™ program.  The information they have learned and simple changes they have made as a result of this expert medical advice has had life changing benefits including:

  • A reduction in LDL, or bad cholesterol, by up to 30% using a combination of lifestyle changes
  • An average weight loss of 10 pounds over the 10-week course
  • A significant drop in triglycerides
  • An increase in HDL, or good cholesterol

Here is what you will receive in the Healthy Change of Heart™ program:

  • Over 150 videos that will help you to make dramatic changes to your lifestyle to improve your cholesterol and heart health.
  • Dr. David Becker will introduce you to the program.  You will learn about normal heart function and the changes that can occur as we age, become more sedentary and choose a high fat diet.  Dr. Becker will discuss fish oil, natural supplements, cholesterol lowering medications and a variety of other subjects.
  • Patti Morris, RD will walk you through diet changes that will impact your cholesterol and triglycerides.   She will suggest you change your diet so gradually that healthy eating will become routine.
  • Jackie Yorko, M.Ed. and Cheryl Herzog, M.Kin. will inspire you to start a regular exercise program.  They give participants reasons to exercise by explaining how exercise improves the function of your heart.
  • Stress experts weigh in on methods to lower your risk of heart disease by lowering your level of stress.  You will see weekly videos on a variety of subjects.

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You now have the opportunity to take control of your heart health.  You can participate in Healthy Change of Heart™ from the privacy of your own home.  You can begin to immediately make the lifestyle changes that have been proven to be invaluable in lowering your LDL cholesterol and triglycerides and raising your HDL cholesterol.

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