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How It Works

How you’ll commit

How you’ll benefit

  • Watch 35-40 minutes of videos per week – each video is 2 minutes long!
  • Print or download our weekly Program Companion Guides to help you through every step
  • Gradually incorporate diet, exercise & stress management tips for 10 weeks
  • Ask questions! You are only an email away from an expert!
  • Give feedback! Share what’s working for you & what your challenges are!
  •      Decrease in LDL (Bad) Cholesterol
  •      Decrease in Triglycerides
  •      Increase in HDL (Good) Cholesterol
  •      Decrease in Total Cholesterol
  •      Build your own bypass
  •      Prevent, reduce, or reverse heart disease risk
  •      Decrease in Body Mass Index (BMI)
  •      Weight Loss


Program Benefits

Some of Our Participants Wanted to Share

For Employers

  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Healthier employees are more focused and productive
  • Lower insurance premiums

For Hospital Systems

  • Reduced CAD related readmission
  • Improved success of post-procedure recovery

For Payor Groups

  • Reduced risk and cost for CAD patient care
  • Improved success of procedures
  • Lower peripheral cost of care (reduction in comorbidities)

For Participants

  • Feeling better and improving overall health
  • Avoidance or reversal of heart disease
  • Improved quality of life
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